Purpose of the American Red Cross

The core mission of the American Red Cross organization is to help the people who are in need of blood, shelter, first aid and to train citizens with knowledge about facing disasters and emergencies. The organization has thousands of volunteers and employees across United States who collect and donate blood. They also work towards restoring normal life to the victims of natural disasters.

The mission of the Organization is not just to help the victims at the time of disasters but also to empower them in leading a normal life from there onwards. At the time of a disaster, the Organization provides the disaster stricken victims much needed shelter, financial assistance, comfort and clean-up kits. After this, the organization helps in rebuilding their lives with proper guidance and counseling.

Although the government does its best to provide shelter and food at the time of disasters, the American Red Cross organization acts as a major helping hand with its volunteers and employees joining the rescue acts when it is needed the most. With its ability to supply blood to more than half of the nation, the organization fulfills its mission of helping the needy in almost every disaster.

One of the most essential things required at the time of a disaster is to let your loved ones know that you are safe. The American Red Cross helps the victims by providing an exclusive service through which a person can convey a message that he / she is safe and well. Through this organization it is very easy to find shelter at the time of a disaster. With the help of the numerous local Red Cross chapters, one can easily find shelter and relief at the time of disasters without any panic.

The other important mission of the Red Cross is to enable emergency communications to the members of armed services who will be working 24 X 7 at the time of disasters. The organization links the members of armed forces with their families at times of emergencies.


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