American Red Cross

American Red Cross with its headquarters located at Washington, D.C has been the symbol of humanitarian care for many decades. The Board of Governors has the power to govern, direct and oversee the management of this organization. The American Red Cross organization is headed by the Board's Chairman, CEO and the President. Apart from aiding the victims of various natural disasters, the organization reaches out to the needy people through its compassionate services.

One of the most important features of this organization is its supply of blood and blood products even at the time of devastation. The organization is involved in various social welfare programs such as international relief, education and community services. The organization has about half a million volunteers and 35,000 employees who are there to help the needy during natural disasters. It has the largest chain of blood collection centers across the United States.

American Red Cross through its well planned and organized programs spends almost 91 cents out of each dollar on humanitarian services. Even though the organization is not funded by the Government, it runs the humanitarian efforts with heavy donations from across the world. The month of March is celebrated as the "Red Cross Month."

The organization is known for upholding highest levels of ethics that are backed with prompt compliance. The American Red Cross is responsible for educating the citizens about natural disasters and equipping them to handle them with minimum fuss. The organization is also very popularly known for its lifesaving training skills that help people to be aware of the dangers involved at the time of emergency.

American Red Cross is the single and largest non-government agency in the world which voluntarily collects, processes and distributes blood to the needy on a large scale.

Apart from being responsible for supplying blood to almost half of the total population in United States, the organization helps victims of about 60,000 disaster relief operations every year.


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